Collagen Hydrolysate 1500 mg with Vitamin C 1000 mg Powder (15 pouches)

Box of 15 pouches with 5.5 g (19 oz) each

Two unified complements that bring about a great variety of vital nutrients to the body. Rich in amino acids and ideal for maintaining beauty in a natural manner, its properties play an important role in collagen synthesis. This hefty duo maintains the strength and flexibility in your skin, ligaments, bones, teeth, eyes, hair, nails, and gums. But it doesn’t stop there! Collagen with Vitamin C can also help maintain a healthy weight.
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Thanks to the amino acids that it incorporates, it can reestablish the collagen supply in your body.

Its properties have the vital amino acids for muscle growth.

Builds internal bone tissue.

Strengthens weak nails.

Lowers hair loss, while increasing its strength and volume.

Improves blood circulation and promotes healthy scarring.

Builds lean mass in order to help burn fat.

It is ideal to prevent premature aging and maintain a youthful vitality.

Optimal supplement for the nutritional necessities involved in collagen production.