Smile at life


When laughing or just smiling you learn to see things from a quite more positive point of view, not to mention is such a good instrument or therapy to live better.

Learn here the top 4 benefits of laughter:
1. It reduces anxiety, stress and depression: It is proven that the best medication to reduce levels of anxiety or stress is laughter. When we laugh a neurotransmitter called dopamine is released, which is also associated with psychological well-being, besides Endorphins are segregated causing a very calming effect.
2. It helps to burn calories: When people laugh, they are able to move around 400 muscles in their bodies, some researchers believe that laughing about 100 times is equivalent to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise or 15 minutes on a bike.
3. Ideal for health: Smiling can clean and ventilate the lungs, improve brain oxygen, regulate the heartbeat, regulate the intestines, relax tense muscles, reduce the production of hormones that cause stress, generate greater immune system response to disease, and also relieve insomnia.
4. Increases the probability of attracting people: above all things, laughter has the virtue of strengthening not only emotional bonding, but also interact with others is so much easier and more enjoyable when smiles are shared, this behavior is usually contagious, maintaining a socially active life, causes a positive effect on the welfare of human beings.