Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of mass and muscle strength that occurs as a result of aging or lead sedentary lives. The decrease in muscle mass is accompanied by other changes in body composition, like for example a progressive increase in fatty tissue.

About a third of the muscle mass is lost with age, but an undetermined number of people in developed countries began to suffer this ailment at a young age without really knowing it, the loss of muscle mass begins between 20 and 30 years in sedentary people; historically we have not assessed our body proportion, we simply measure the body weight (BW) as the stability of this became often synonymous with fitness. Unfortunately sarcopenia has come to be seen as a problem in later stages of life, a time in which prevention strategies are no longer as effective. The best thing to prevent sarcopenia is a diet rich in amino acids and maintain physical activity, suitable especially to perform exercises to strengthen the muscles. It has seen this type of exercises to generate an increase in mass and muscle power, which contributes to prevent sarcopenia appearing.

Perform this type of exercises two or three times a week allows to obtain beneficial results in about eight weeks, and there has been a significant improvement even in patients with more than 90 years old. Various training programs have shown an increase of between 30 and 170% of your muscle power, which has important positive effects: higher capacity for walking and gait speed, greater ability to climb stairs and, therefore, more chances of remain physically independent.