Morning exercise benefits


Exercise is always beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health because in addition to help you stay in shape, it helps to reduce or prevent some medical conditions as well as stress, due to our everyday life situations.

Once we’ve already decided and determine to do it, the schedule is very important.

Here are several reasons to do it in the morning:
1. More calories burnt: The earlier you get activated, the faster your metabolism works, and it will be speed up for hours, which means that when training, even for a little while in the morning, you’ll burn calories throughout the day.

2. Improvement in mental acuity: Several studies have shown that morning exercise enhances the mental activity for the rest of the day; an effect that can last up to 10 hours after the morning training.

3. Regulates appetite: Exercising in the morning regulates appetite all day. First thing, it begins to burn calories after having breakfast and made digestion. In addition, controls better the hunger feeling.

4. Very few dropouts: 90% of the people exercising regularly in the mornings, do it for years or during their lifetime. It is easier to keep a good training program

5. Energy injection: Exercising charges you with energy for the whole day. In addition, it allows you to sleep better at night and better sleep quality.

Walking or running out for half an hour, going to the gym, swimming or taking the bike for a spin, can be one of the morning exercise options. It is not about hard-core-training, it’s about activating you slowly, as if you’re only warming up.

Remember, your energy in the morning may be still low, so your level of activity should be medium-low and always take a few minutes to warm up and stretch.