Got juice daily? Do you know the benefits of juicing to keep you health and in shape?
Vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. That’s what we get from fruit and vegetable juices, our body needs these elements to operate correctly; because most of our meals are made with frozen, processed food and chemicals we don't get these elements in a natural way and takes longer for our body to process them.

We know we must eat fruits and vegetables to be healthy and in shape, the problem is that we don't. Juicing is a healthy, practical and delicious way to eat fruits and vegetables, extracting their benefits through juices, meaning pure fruit or vegetable juice drink, without adding milk or water, provides the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants essential for our health.
Our organism gets intoxicated when abused with unhealthy food, processed foods, tobacco, alcohol, and also stress, among other factors; juicing is a way to eliminate toxins accumulated by our body
There’s no limit in the preparation of juices. You can mix as many fruits and vegetables as you can think of. In fact the recommendation is the more you mix, the better. Ideally, that allows us to obtain some of the benefits, is to combine fruits and vegetables; citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or dark green leaves, high in vitamin c, with other of orange color such as mango and carrots, high in antioxidants.
With regard to the best time and the best way of consuming juice, it’s good to know that although the time that is taken does not affect the benefits, some juices are most beneficial when taken in fasting, as the detoxifying; or at the early morning hours, like energizers. Additionally, all juices should be consumed at a cool temperature, not so cold and without ice. Note that the only way of juicing and gain these benefits is squeezing or blending fruits and vegetables, and never add water or milk.
-Fruit and vegetables must be fresh and in its natural state. Experts recommend it to prevent fertilizers. Remember to wash the ingredients before blending them.
-Make sure it has more vegetables than fruits, to reduce the calories content.
-Use a bit of Mint to eliminate the bitter taste on green juices, like the spinach smoothies. Apples or pineapple also work.
-Once blended, take the pulp and blend it again to extract every last drop. You can reuse the leftover pulp to spice up a soup or make vegetable croquettes.
-Drink it instantly, because the nutrients oxidize with time, losing their benefits. If you can't, make sure you store it in a glass container and refrigerate. Only this way will keep its flavor and its properties for 48 hours.
Here we indicate various types of juices you can do according to your need:
-Detox: mix many fruits and vegetables of orange o red color.
-Energizing: combine banana, grapes, Red Apple and cherries.
-Pre exercise: mix sweet fruits like mango, figs, watermelon, red grapes, with protein powder.
-To counteract the hangover: fruits like tamarind, lemon, red cashew, tomato and parsley.
-For weight loss: bet on a combination of citrus fruits.
-To counteract gastric conditions: baby a soursop, apple and papaya juice.
-To control diabetes: mix aloe, apple and other foods with a high content of soluble fiber like oats
Try and tell us about your experiences.