Juices to detoxify the body. Truth or Myth?


Getting into the beat of "healthy life" takes time, some people start the path in the mood for lose weight, feel good and look better, generally to begin this process one of the first things they do is practice some body detox with a diet based on natural juices.

The question is: Do purification programs juices would indeed eliminate toxins in the system? The human body is quite well designed to eliminate waste and toxins naturally with the help of diverse organs.

The organ par excellence to purify the body are the kidneys and the liver to get rid of substances in the bloodstream and process for the body to excrete in the form of feces or urine. Say yes to natural juices.

However, taking natural fruit or veggie juices both rich in vitamins and antioxidants are excellent for the body, thanks they help to maintain the immune system activity, a healthy skin and a number of benefits such as making the stomach rests.

The important thing is to select the juice that best suits the needs of your body and combine it with exercise and healthy eating.