How to burn calories at work


The home and the office routines undoubtedly make life fairly sedentary, is difficult to exercise in the week due to lack of time, and sitting, watching a computer screen for five days a week can be harmful to health and is cause of obesity.

Here we explain how to burn calories and stay fit during working hours in 7 steps:
Changing the way of transportation: replacing the car by a bike or wheels for legs are an excellent choices to start the day, as well as activating the body they help to reduce fuel or public transportation costs and to contribute to the environment.

Up and down: it is better to use the stairs and forget the elevator, up and down stairs will activate certain muscles of the body.

Activated: walking within the office constantly, when you need to send a message it will be better to go personally to the person’s office instead of sending an email, the idea is not to sit for too long.

Take advantage of the free time: During the snack or lunch hour, you must eat something healthy and then get out for a walk; if you have a gym near by, you can go for a 30-minute training.

Keep moving: touching the toes while sitting, playing with your thumbs while reading, do light finger banging, make gestures when speaking, are activities of low grade to help burn calories and increase physical health in general.

Exercises without moving: contracting the glutes and hold the contraction for 10 seconds, rest the heel on the floor and make the toes move upwards while contracting the tendons of the lower leg, these are ways of exercising the body without moving from the working spot.

Relax: Once in a while is good to stretch, slowly move the neck, bringing the arms back, cleaning the desk and making gestures with your face.

A sedentary lifestyle is synonymous with obesity and disease, it is essential to exercise at least one minute to shoot energy levels, refocus attention and increase blood flow.