High blood pressure, what does it mean?


You go to a routine Checkup and the doctor tells you that you have the blood pressure high. Have you ever wondered what means or is it? Experts indicate that the ideal numbers are equal or less than 125 of systolic (currently known as high) and 80 diastolic (better known as low).

Blood pressure is the force that blood exerts against artery walls; There are people that can have high blood pressure or hypertension and feel is completely well, symptoms don’t show up and can’t be felt at first instance; because of it, we invite you to know more about this topic to avoid some serious health problem.
It can be that high blood pressure does not make you feel sick, it is important to visit your doctor regularly to perform a check-up.
Changing your eating habits can help lower blood pressure.
When improving your lifestyle, you will have the possibility of reducing the doses of medicines.
The blood pressure of a person with standard weight and height should be less than 140 systolic and less than 90 the diastolic, above these values we’re talking about high blood pressure.
Isolated blood pressure check-ups are not valid to draw conclusions, experts say that they should be taken successive two or three times a week for a month and at the same time.
It is essential to acquire habits of healthy lifestyle and take into account factors such as: smoking, a diet rich in fats, obesity, increase in cholesterol in the blood, stress and lack of exercise affect the increase in tension.
High blood pressure can be controlled in the majority of people changing small habits or by medications indicated by your doctor. Health is people’s best wealth. Take care of yourself!