Have a good breakfast!


Have a good Breakfast!
Many people are not hungry when they wake up, even if they had a light or small diner the night before. Your body needs time to start running and activate the "program" appetite. However, skipping breakfast is a bad option. Breakfast has more importance than it’s been given.

Breakfast influences the performance on the school, because it improves a brain activity called working memory. It is a type of short-term memory used to keep various data simultaneously. It is the equivalent of muscle strength in the brain.

No having breakfast deprives the brain glucose, the fuel needed to operate at full capacity. The body manufactures glucose from the food we eat. Without this power, the working memory lapses along with attention and concentration.

Liquid is the first thing we must take at breakfast to whet the appetite, preferably start with a fruit juice. You can also start taking a herbal tea or tea. Coffee on an empty stomach is not recommended.
Although there is no perfect or ideal breakfast, same way we don’t always eat the same at lunch, we must try to vary, so breakfast does not become monotonous.
What to take into account? Breakfast should has more carbohydrates (bread and cereals) than fats and proteins, also add vitamins and minerals such as calcium from dairy products and fruit antioxidants. Eat enough to reach the next meal.