Drink water


Taking a glass of water on an empty stomach is a good way to start the day
While we sleep, our body uses this resting time to repair damaged cells and perform internal cleaning, drinking water when you wake up will serve our body to release the toxins that were stimulated overnight.
This is a millenary practice habit that has been losing importance, however in East countries have demonstrated the benefits that brings.

1. Improves skin: When drinking water in fasting, the skin cells are strengthened, moisturized, cleaned, and it helps to maintain its elasticity; delays the formation of wrinkles, discards toxins and wakes up the body's defenses.

2. Acts as a diuretic: Helps to drain the kidney of unwanted materials, increasing the rate of urine in the body, and toxins are disposed of at a faster pace.

3. Hydrating the lymphatic system: Prevents dehydration and fatigue of the adrenal gland (responsible for producing cortisol, whose function is to respond to the body against stress).

4. Promotes digestion: Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract; helps release toxins from the digestive tract, in addition, prepares the body to receive food and moves the intestines.

5. Thermoregulation: Promotes the body temperature regulation, improving the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to cells.

6. Increases the metabolism of the body: The kidneys are responsible to use the fat as energy instead of being stored in the body. When we don’t take water, the liver performs this task, instead performing other tasks essential for our body.

7. Improves physical performance: When our body notes the lack of water, it saves a bit keeping it out of the cells, causing the body to swell. Drink water in fasting stimulates the thirst centers in our brain, avoiding the body to keep it unnecessarily, and using it to lubricate the joints, muscles and ligaments.

The benefits of drinking water in the morning are fabulous, however, only taking it in the morning is not enough, you must hydrate your body the rest of the day to keep these benefits going on.