Do not stop having breakfast! Get to know the importance of eating in the morning


Surely you have ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of all, but the day to day moves so fast that it is most likely you wake up running and just have a cup of coffee or just eat a sandwich with cheese.

Well, pay attention to this and find out the real importance of a good breakfast, so that from now on you, take the ideal little while to enjoy a good morning meal time.

Is worth mentioning that as the first meal of the day, it provides the energy needed to start the day with a lot of vitality, also promotes physical and intellectual performance, concentration and of course memory. And if that were not enough, it includes the first food in the body after resting between 8 to 10 hours. Therefore, we woke up under a process of nocturnal fasting and ideally replenish the energy that the body has consumed all night.

It is essential to have breakfast at least half an hour after awakening, so it helps to spread your calorie intake so the body metabolizes sugars quite better. With a portion of protein and a solid snack, glucose would recharge and therefore body would also be activated.

Doctors say that people who skip breakfast or simply forget it after a day of hard work manifest alterations in mood, no energy and lack of memory. Given this, it is essential to eat a balanced breakfast with dairy products like milk or yogurt as they contain vitamins, protein and calcium.

Also include cereals or bread, as they provide carbohydrates to the body that are essential for energy. Fruits also provide fiber, vitamins and minerals specially pulps.

Small amounts of cheese, meat products and stimulating drinks such as tea or coffee can also be included as usual.