Dedicate time to yourself


We live in a world that is demanding and full of commitments; work, children, family and friends, and it is quite easy to give priority to others and to the obligations of every day and many times we forget our own needs. There are even some cases in which we have "sense of guilt" in those who spend little time for themselves.

However, when we spend time to ourselves, we get clarity, we think in a different way when the stimulus in the environment affect our internal communication; and usually not discussed, because most of the time we understand our own way of thinking. That is precisely what we need to do, as one of the most important aspects in the current life has to do with the way in which we relate to give us time to do the things we really like, or simply to rest and reflect. Insofar as we make more time for us we will also achieve greater balance with everything else taking the same approach to other things we do. Feeling good with oneself is indispensable to be happy and enjoy life to its fullest. It will help us to feel better with those around us and project our well-being. Through small actions, we can get great achievements that will enable us to develop in a positive way. Self-esteem is one of the central themes around which health revolves. Do activities for yourself, spend time at least once a week; think about what you like to do to relax and be happy and do it! Feeling good with oneself is fundamental to be good with others.

This year, get time even from under the stones, if necessary, to dedicate it exclusively to you. Take more care of yourself, indulge yourself occasionally with a good massage, meditating, practicing yoga or a visit a spa. Get recharged walking, swimming, or receiving a reiki session. Keep your high motivation in everything you do and always looking for new goals and rewards to keep active your body, your mind and your spirit. And don't forget to smile always, to bad weather put a good face.