Can Sagging be combated?


Sagging is the loss of the firmness of the skin as a result of degradation of fibers of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin and muscles loose. It mainly affects the areas of the neck, the lower part of the face, arms, thighs and abdomen. To fight against the sagging skin, first we need to know the causes that provoke it.

Decrease in the amount of fibers of collagen and elastin
Reduction of blood flow in blood vessels
Hormonal changes

Excessive exposure to sunlight without protection, causing the formation of free radicals which alter the fibers that support of the skin. Sudden changes in weight.
Poorly balanced meals, lacking the essential nutrients to maintain the structure of the skin.

Most situations can be avoided when addressed. However, if the sagging skin is already a reality, there are steps we can take to improve this situation, including taking natural products such as horsetail, Rosemary or mate, which improve the skin's appearance to exercises designed to provide skin firmness.

Collage is responsible for our tissue’s strength and firmness, is the most abundant protein in our body; around the age of 40 our collagen production decreases to half amount we produce during our adolescence. This generates an aging and loss of important flexibility in tissues containing collagen.

Vitamin C is also important as this helps us to maintain high levels of collagen, to reduce sagging, and to have a firmer and healthy skin.