Breastfeeding: A key to sustainable development.


The very first days of August, we celebrate the World Breastfeeding Week, and because of that, we felt the need to highlight the importance of this beautiful action for both babies and mothers.

First of all it is important to explain that this is the most appropriate and natural way to provide nutritional, immunological and emotional contribution to children, taking into account that gives them all the nutrients and antibodies to keep them healthy and allow them to create a strong bond with their moms.
It is important that nursing mothers take into account these details for their children to enjoy their great benefits:
- Leading a healthy and balanced diet and of course, always be well hydrated.
- Take iron, vitamins and minerals prescribed by your doctor.
- Keep always neat breast.
- It is recommended not to perform hard or stressful work.

Great benefits:
- It makes them much easier to digest than powdered forms since it is a specific human milk.
- When the milk flows directly from the nipple into the baby's mouth, it is exempt from manipulations and free from contamination by germs.
- Provides the right balance of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids), vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for a proper both anatomical and functional development of the child.
- In breast milk there are also protective antibodies against many viral and bacterial infections.
- It has been emphasized that the importance of breastfeeding as an emotional bond is perhaps even greater than purely nutritional.
- In addition to the immediate benefits for the child, breastfeeding also helps to maintain good health throughout life.
- Mothers also enjoy benefits from breastfeeding their children, one of them is that this action helps the uterus or womb to contract quickly avoiding any kind of complications.
- It helps to lose weight gained during pregnancy.
- Save time finding other foods because you will have food always available.