Ayurvedic massage


A different method to find well-being in humans, might be through Ayurvedic massage, an extension of the sense of touch, but into a precise and conscious way. Ayurveda comes from India and it means "Science of Life"; its main objective is the renewal of both physical and mental balance.

This alternative works as an excellent instrument to beat several pathologies in health, and it is also a friction or deep muscle manipulation technique, which basically aims to heal physically, mentally and spiritually a person.

Some experts like to call it "The art of healing", its main purpose is to help blood circulation, draining excess of liquids and toxins, and also stimulate the production of antibodies.

Another purpose is to exfoliate the skin, resulting in rejuvenation through a deep and emotional cleansing, which intends to harmonize the internal energies and thus get rid of physical ailments.

Its blessings go beyond the physical, the effect touches the soul, the subtle body and emotions of human beings, this therapy helps harmonization and vitalization of the subject, achieving such a relief to the suffering and improving their ability to feel pleasure, allowing the natural balance of our lives.

Regarded as an unchanging ritual, this practice recognized by the World Health Organization, uses massage techniques that have been practiced ever since more than 5000 years ago, and also that has transcended through the time.

Techniques employed:

- Assisted stretching: movements are manipulated on the patient strain of each body part.

- Indian massage: it is applied on the head and neck, with oils that stimulate concentration and relaxation massage, allows deep rest at bedtime disappe