Autism: a complex neurological disorder

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that primarily affects the ability to communicate and interact with others. It’s suffered more on boys than girls. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)... read more →


Zica Virus

Zica is a viral disease transmitted to humans by mosquitoes and is characterized by sudden onset of fever, usually accompanied by pain joints. Other signs and common symptoms are: muscle aches, headaches,... read more →


Learn a bit more about antioxidants

You have probably heard that antioxidants are good for the body, but do you really know how many benefits can they bring to health? First thing you should know is that antioxidants are compounds that co... read more →


Do not stop having breakfast! Get to know the importance of eating in the morning

Surely you have ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of all, but the day to day moves so fast that it is most likely you wake up running and just have a cup of coffee or just eat a sandwich... read more →


Tips to lose weight healthily

The very first step to lose weight is to take the decision, and change your lifestyle, there are many recipes that are recommended, however, not all of them work properly, and the idea would be supplement... read more →



The Western diet tends to be very low in foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. This has led to an increase in the consumption of saturated fat at the expense of the unsaturated fats and a deficit in the co... read more →


Juices to detoxify the body. Truth or Myth?

Getting into the beat of "healthy life" takes time, some people start the path in the mood for lose weight, feel good and look better, generally to begin this process one of the first things they do is pra... read more →


Music for the Heart

When music sounds most people experience sensations upon their mood since it is usually listened to feel joy. Playing a melody is good not only for the heart, but also to improved endothelial function in p... read more →


Ayurvedic massage

A different method to find well-being in humans, might be through Ayurvedic massage, an extension of the sense of touch, but into a precise and conscious way. Ayurveda comes from India and it means "Scienc... read more →


Breastfeeding: A key to sustainable development.

The very first days of August, we celebrate the World Breastfeeding Week, and because of that, we felt the need to highlight the importance of this beautiful action for both babies and mothers. read more →


Smile at life

When laughing or just smiling you learn to see things from a quite more positive point of view, not to mention is such a good instrument or therapy to live better. read more →


How to burn calories at work

The home and the office routines undoubtedly make life fairly sedentary, is difficult to exercise in the week due to lack of time, and sitting, watching a computer screen for five days a week can be harmfu... read more →


Prevent 13 types of cancer with exercise

It's no secret that exercise provides great benefits to the health; specialists, athletes, nutritionists, trainers, doctors and many others, recommended it to combat obesity, healthy living and to prevent... read more →


High blood pressure, what does it mean?

You go to a routine Checkup and the doctor tells you that you have the blood pressure high. Have you ever wondered what means or is it? Experts indicate that the ideal numbers are equal or less than 125 of... read more →


Learn about our weight and index of body fat

Is important to observe changes in our body weight with some frequency. read more →


Dedicate time to yourself

We live in a world that is demanding and full of commitments; work, children, family and friends, and it is quite easy to give priority to others and to the obligations of every day and many times we forge... read more →



Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of mass and muscle strength that occurs as a result of aging or lead sedentary lives. The decrease in muscle mass is accompanied by other changes in body composition, li... read more →


Physical or Emotional Hunger

Do you use food "occasionally" to satisfy those feelings of stress, sadness or boredom and feel better? Emotional eating is trying to fill an emotional vacuum to feel better through food. For this reason,... read more →


Be careful with the traveler syndrome when travelling.

Thinking of travelling on vacation? If taking an extended 10 to 12 hours trip, either by car or by airplane, not to moving the legs for many hours could cause the traveler's syndrome - also called deep ven... read more →


Can Sagging be combated?

Sagging is the loss of the firmness of the skin as a result of degradation of fibers of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin and muscles loose. It mainly affects the areas of the neck, the lower part of... read more →



Got juice daily? Do you know the benefits of juicing to keep you health and in shape? Vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. That’s what we get from fruit and vegetable juices, our body needs these eleme... read more →


The different types of fat we store (2nd part)

We all need fat in our body, whether in a high or moderate percentage. What you may not know is that depending on its composition and where you are can differentiate between different types of fat. We aske... read more →


The different types of fat we store

We all need fat in our body, whether in a high or moderate percentage. What you may not know is that depending on its composition and where you are can differentiate between different types of fat. We aske... read more →



Performing a physical activity regularly and systematically has proven to be a beneficial practice in prevention, development and rehabilitation of health, at the same time it aids the character, disciplin... read more →



Osteoporosis is a progressive decrease in bone mass that makes bones more fragile and prone to fractures. read more →


Ergonomics and health

Ergonomics is a science with the purpose of seeking harmony and adapting, equipment, tools and jobs to humans. There are injuries or disorders on muscles, tendons, nerves, joints, vertebral cartilages and... read more →


You may have varicose veins and not know it

Varicose veins are veins that dilate progressively, and due to certain factors become loams, thick and hurt. They usually appear in the legs, but can also form in other parts of the body. read more →


Good morning habits

Looking and feeling well go hand in hand, aided by persistency. That is why it is important to have healthy routines as soon as we open our eyes. read more →


Breathe consciously

No matter if you are a person full of energy in the morning or not, take a few minutes to get up to do a few breaths, while it focuses attention on the inlet and outlet of the air. Contrary to what you may... read more →


Drink water

Taking a glass of water on an empty stomach is a good way to start the day While we sleep, our body uses this resting time to repair damaged cells and perform internal cleaning, drinking water when you wa... read more →


Morning exercise benefits

Exercise is always beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health because in addition to help you stay in shape, it helps to reduce or prevent some medical conditions as well as stress, due to o... read more →


Have a good breakfast!

Have a good Breakfast! Many people are not hungry when they wake up, even if they had a light or small diner the night before. Your body needs time to start running and activate the "program" appetite. Ho... read more →


Healthy Tips

Find the best fitness friend A workout buddy is hugely helpful for keeping motivated, but it's important to find someone who will inspire—not discourage. So make a list of all your exercise-loving friends... read more →


Smoothies and Nutri-Tips

Smoothies and fruit juices are a rich and delicious source of vitamins and minerals; fruits are widely used in the production of beauty products for skin and hair, its most direct effect is when consume th... read more →